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          Small paper machine gear transmission

          PUBLISHER:2019-12-05 CLICK:346

            The small paper machine is driven by gears, which are driven by gears or driven by felts to form a group, and several groups of dryers form a drying section. The linear speed of each group of drying cylinders can be adjusted separately to maintain a slight speed difference between the drying cylinders of each group to compensate for the shrinkage of the paper sheet during the drying process. The dryness of the paper exiting the drying section is generally about 92 to 94%. At the end of the drying section, a cold cylinder is generally provided to allow water and gas to condense on the surface of the cold cylinder. The condensed water can moisten the surface of the paper sheet to help obtain better surface smoothness in finishing. The effect of the drying cylinder diameter is 1.5m. Single-sided smooth paper can obtain high single-side gloss by using large-diameter drying cylinders with high hardness and high-quality cylinder surface. Generally, the diameter of large-diameter drying cylinders is 3 ~ 7.5m.